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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to learn the Chinese writing in order to learn Chinese?

Answer: No, not unless you want to. Pinyin is name of the writing system that's used to write Chinese in the English alphabet. This is widely used in schools in China, and it's the means of learning Chinese for all beginners.

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Question: I've found a possible bug or error in the content. Can I ask somebody to fix it?

Answer: Absolutely! Our website is still in Beta mode, and we are keen to receive any bug report or general user feedback. There are feedback boxes on most content pages, where anyone can send us instant feedback. Alternatively, check out our 'Contact' page for other means to let us know.

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Question: Is this content really free? What's the catch?

Answer: Yes, all the current content on is free and always will be. The catch is that we want you to tell your friends about us!

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Question: I've completed the first 10 chapters. Is there more?

Answer: Firstly, congratulations! If you've gained gold achievements for all the lessons and exercises, then you are ready to move on to further interesting topics. We are hoping to add lots more chapters to in the near future. In the meantime, help us to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter etc. We work faster when we know that lots of people are waiting for more interesting lessons in Mandarin Chinese!

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Question: Is Chinese really difficult to learn?

Answer: We're glad you asked! Like all languages, learning Chinese is a challenge. But we've prepared a quick blog entry with a list of all the easy things about learning Chinese!

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Question: Do I have to register to use

Answer: No, all the lessons, exercises and glossaries are free for all users. It's free to create an account however and once logged in, all your exercise scores are recorded so you can keep track of your progress.

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Question: Is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) supported by

Answer: Yes. All content including the multimedia lessons and exercises is designed to be fully functional for users of the IE6 browser. However users of IE6 may notice a slight reduction in the quality of some images and also slower loading times for lessons on IE6. We recommend you use a more up to date browser to get the richest multimedia experience.

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Question: The lessons won't play?

Answer: Please make sure that you have Flash Player installed on your computer. Also, you will need to have javascript enabled for your browser in order for the lessons to play properly.

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Question: The exercises aren't working properly?

Answer: Our exercises rely on javascript to be enabled in order to work properly. Please see our simple guide on how to enable javascript for your browser.

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