Dani Wang - Founder of GraspChinese.com
Dani Wang - Founder of GraspChinese.com

Hello, and welcome to our site from everyone here at Graspchinese.com . This site was established by Dani Wang to instruct Chinese to practically anyone who is intrigued by the language. A Beijing native, Dani studied in Europe at the University of Limerick and the Limerick Institute of Technology. Dani has a background in finance, having worked with the well recognised accountancy firm KPMG. Dani has since then achieved an honours Masters in e-Commerce from Dublin City University, has worked at Apple, and currently works at Electronic Arts.

Through this site, we are excited to have the capacity to impart our energy for the Chinese language and culture. Our ambition in making GraspChinese.com is to make the delight of studying this rich and interesting language approachable to the maximum number of people as could be allowed. Within minutes of going to our site, you could be learning Chinese! and studying your first words and expressions.

Our Approach

It is generally accepted that we all study languages best when submerged in the local society. We have strived to reproduce that feeling of being immersed as you experience the voyage of Leo throughout his journey in China. With the assistance of rich multimedia Chinese lessons you will rapidly feel like you have ventured off the plane in Beijing airport yourself! You are met in arrivals by Dani who will accompany you along your voyage as you learn Chinese, and you'll also learn a little about Chinese society as you go.

You find the opportunity to practice your recently obtained Chinese in our innovative Chinese exercises We utilize a mixture of innovative multimedia exercises to permit you to 'internalise' what you have recently studied. Our glossary for every section is a useful reference tool and empowers you to recap the new material and pronunciations easily.

Pinyin is the system for composing Chinese in the letters of the English alphabet. It is the beginning stage for a large number of Chinese schoolchildren each year as they begin their formal instruction. Our methodology in instructing Chinese is also dependent upon utilizing Pinyin. The Chinese characters are intricate to study and are not vital to begin studying and talking in Chinese.